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The world's data needs are expanding rapidly. Partner with us in expanding our data centers across the globe.

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Regions in the United States
Washington & Kentucky

Powered by 100% green energy

We have 1 region on the west coast powered by 100% green energy, and 2 regions on the east coast currently being built.

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Our Data Centers

Our Northwest Data Center

Our westcoast region located in Washington serves 6 megawatts of IT load in a 19,500 square foot facility, and powered by 100% green renewable energy.

19,500 Sq, ft. Facility

Our Washington data center is 19,500 square feet.

6 Mega Watts of IT Load

We have a total of 6 megawatts of IT load to the facility powered by 100% renewable energy.

100% Green Power

Washington is a 100% green data center powered by the Columbia River. This lowers our energy costs substantially giving us the ability to pass this savings onto our customers.

Want to take part in building data centers across the globe?

We have a 1 of a kind business model. You can help us build data centers by purchasing machines. You can buy as many as you would like, and you own the machines. We host the machines on our infrastructure and you keep 60% of the revenue from your machines. We build the infrastructure, host your hardware, maintain your hardware, and fill it up with customers. It's that simple.

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  • 1-of-a-kind model
  • You own the machine(s)
  • 60% rev share
  • 0 maintenance

How it works in 4 easy steps

Purchase machine(s)

Purchase as many machines as you want

We host your machine(s)

Host your machine(s) on our network & infrastructure

We manage your machine(s)

We service your machine(s) in our data center

You earn 60% revenue

Earn a 60% revenue share on your machines use

Why invest in data centers?

Data centers support the tech we use everyday

Data centers are the hidden infrastructure behind everything we do online, from streaming movies to ordering pizza.

Data centers help businesses build the future

Data centers help businesses build their applications, help innovate faster, and help them manage their IT resources.

We generate more data every day

We consume more data than ever before, and the demand continues to rise everyday.

Over 50% of corporate data is stored in public data centers
Cloud infrastructure services generate $615+ billion per year in revenue

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