Building high performance data centers around the globe.

Partner with us in expanding our data centers across the globe.

The world's data needs are expanding rapidly. Companies need to be able to develop and release new products and services rapidly to grow.


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Our Data Center

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    SQ, FT.

    Our data center in the north west is 19,500 sq ft.

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    We have 6 megawatts of IT load to the facility powered by renewable energy.

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    We are 100% green data center, which give us a major advantage in IT costs.


Partner with us.

We have an extremely unique business model. You can own 100% of the physical hardware that lives inside our data center.

We use our infrastructure, and lease out your machines to businesses around the globe.

We provide businesses with the tools to innovate faster.

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    Virtual Machines

    On-demand linux virtual machines. Choose from share or dedicated CPU plans.

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    Bare Metal Servers

    High performance single tenant servers that aren't effected by noisy neighbors.

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    GPU Cloud Servers

    Run large scale high performance projects such as deep learning and A.I. projects.

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    Block Storage

    Add storage to your compute servers when you need more space to accomplish compute tasks.

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    Management Tools

    Take control of your projects with powerful, intuitive management tools.

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    Plus More

    Explore all of our features in the works and coming in the near future.

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    We built the infrastructure
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    We built this amazing green 19,500 sq. ft data center powered by all renewable energy that provides clean computing power to the world.

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    You own the servers
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    You actually have an opportunity to own your own servers in a state-of-the-art data center and collect revenue from the usage. (You can purchase as many servers as you want.)

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    We maintain your hardware
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    We built the data center and infrastructure, own and operate our own network, and maintain all the machines.

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Data centers across the globe generate billions. Over 50% of the worlds corporate data is stored in the cloud, and roughly 90% of large enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud infrastructure.

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    Billion in 2021
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    Billion by 2028
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    Corporate data store in cloud

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