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Data is the new gold. Learn how you can take part in this data explosion and help us build data centers across the globe.🌏

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The cloud has revolutionized our world.

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    Cloud computing provides a platform for rapid development & deployment of new apps & services.

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    Increased Market Reach

    Cloud resources can be accessed from anywhere, allowing businesses to expand their reach & operate globally.

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    Flexible &

    Resources are readily available allowing a business to rapidly scale resources up or down.

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    Cloud-based tools and platforms enable real-time collaboration and communication for businesses.

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Powering your world.

Data centers are the hidden infrastructure behind everything we do online, from streaming movies to ordering pizza.


We generate more data every day.

We consume more data than ever before, and the demand continues to rise everyday.

More than just brick and mortar.

What we are building is more than just servers in a building. We are building tools for the modern business.

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Our 100% green data center saves business money.

As technology continues to rapidly advance, and power demands rise. Sustainable practices become more critical. We pass on our energy savings to our customers.

  • 30%

    Up 30% more savings
  • 60%

    Up to 60% better performance

Now, let's get to the good part! 😎

Our business model is 1 of a kind. You purchase as many servers as you would like and keep 60% of the revenue from your machines into the data center. We build the infrastructure, host your hardware, maintain your hardware, and fill it up with customers. It's that simple.

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    Purchase 1 or as many servers as you would like.

    You own 100% of the servers that you purchase, and we maintian them for you.
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    Host your machines on our infrastructure.

    We built the compute, storage, and networking infrastructure.
  • 3.

    We manage, maintain, and market your hardware.

    We bring the customers and make sure your machine(s) are operational.
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    You earn 60% revenue share on your machine(s).

    Our 40% covers the cost to operate and scale the data centers.

It's that simple. 😎

There's no setup on your end. You just purchase as many servers as you would like, and we do the rest. To learn more register for one of our webinars.